SoleAsia Collects personal data about you that you provide us when using the Site. Such information includes but is not limited to your name, address, contact number, , e-mail address, accommodation name, location, and length of stay in accommodation. In addition, we may also collect other certain information including but not limited to your IP address, geographic data, your nationality and password on our Site, search preferences, which browser you're using, information relating to your computer's operating system, application version, and pages that have been shown to you. If you are using a mobile device, we may also collect data including but not limited to identifying your mobile device, device-specific settings, characteristics and geographical location details.

Protecting your information is very important to SoleAsia. Therefore, to prevent unauthorised access, we maintain reasonable physical, electronic and organisation procedures to ensure that we may protect your personal data from any accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental or unlawful disclosure or access. Additionally, with regard to protecting your credit card transactions, SoleAsia uses an international payment gate directly from the banks to ensure that your credit card details are secured and safe from any possible attacks on our Site.

Please note that your information shall only be shared by SoleAsia in the following circumstances. Primarily, your information will be shared with our business partners and Accommodation Suppliers to facilitate the services we provide to you. Furthermore, SoleAsia may also use your personal information in court as evidence against any claim made against SoleAsia to protect ourselves. For these purposes, it shall be in SoleAsia's sole discretion as to how much of your personal information may be shared with our business partners and accommodation suppliers in order to facilitate our services to you.

Please note that SoleAsia will only protect your personal information so far as SoleAsia is not required to disclose it by law, and SoleAsia cannot be held responsible or liable for such disclosure. Where such disclosure is required, disclosure of your personal information shall be limited to the minimum level of disclosure required by the law.

While SoleAsia makes protecting your personal information a priority, we shall not assume any liability for any costs or damages suffered by our customers where our security has been breached. The customer understands and agrees that SoleAsia shall not be held responsible for loss of their confidentiality.

Should you have further concerns or questions about our privacy policy or the safety of your personal data and its confidentiality, please contact our Customer Services with your queries.